Unlike many telematics solutions available in the market place, Dynniq are now offering a fully comprehensive feature set and an integration roadmap that takes your fleet into the world of co-operative vehicle technology and beyond...

The modular design of the Dynniq Telematics solution allows it to be scalable to meet your fleet requirements and the system is capable of monitoring the location, availability and driving events related to both drivers and their vehicles. This data can then be easily exported and interrogated for reporting and improvement purposes.

As an established road network technology company, Dynniq's vision for Telematics is that in the short term it provides a good analytics platform for vehicle monitoring. However, in the longer term we hope that it will integrate with other platforms and systems in the Dynniq portfolio such as traffic management, environmental monitoring and predictive analytics. In this way we hope to provide a 360° management package for fleet managers and operators.

Dynniq Telematics key features:

  • Intelligent emissions monitoring

  • Open API for integration

  • Live alerts

  • Find nearest tool

  • Bespoke report generator

  • Future connected roadmap encompassing co-operative technologies and intelligent infrastructure


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